The Institute of Administrative Information Systems


IAIS The Institute of Administrative Information Systems


Research and Study Services

Independent research and study

  • We conduct research and studies with the aim of contributing to the promotion of use and improvement of administrative information systems.
  • We compile the results of our research and studies in reports, and distribute them widely to the members of our organization as well as national and local governments, related organizations and others.
Recent Research and Study Themes year
Research on the current status of digital government in major European countries 2014
Research on the current status of sensor technology use in government and its prospects for the future 2014
Research on benefit evaluation report of U.S. e-government policy 2013
Research on capability maturity model for information systems 2012

Research and study service (on consignment)

  • We provide research and study services for members of our organization as well as other agencies and organisations in the wider area, including the building and utilisation of administrative information systems.
Recent Research and Study Theme year
Research on arranging government website requirements for open usage 2013
Research on government and company cases designing and using Enterprise Architecture 2012
Research on business process modeling for business optimization 2011
e-Government basic survey until 2005
Basic research of the support function by e-Government for intellectual activities associated with administrative services 2004
Basic research of the usage of administrative ICT (Preliminary) 2004

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Diffusion and Enlightenment Services

Publication of the official journal "Administration & Information Systems"

The official journal Administration & Information Systems

We publish this journal every two months, focusing on edited articles about the latest papers, data and new systems. It is distributed widely to national government agencies as well as local governments, organisations relating to digitalisation, private companies and universities.

  • Issued on the 10th in alternate months (even-numbered); Book size: A4

Symposiums and Events


We hold events, such as symposiums, relating to the promotion of digital government, in cooperation with national administrative agencies and other organisations.

past events year
Government CIO Adviser Training Course since 2010
Virtual Government Seminar (Joint hosting) since 2007
E-administration Symposium 2013
e-Government Online Application Fair from 2005 to 2010
Local Government Information Promotion Fair (Joint Hosting) from 2005 to 2008
  • Events
  • Events

Reference Service

We accumulate the organized data from useful materials, research outcomes and the official magazines for development of the administrative information systems, and provide the members with services that one can search, browse and obtain.

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System-related Services

Operation of Governmental Certification Infrastructure System

For the realisation of digital government, GPKI (Government Public Key Infrastructure) has been built and operated by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as an infrastructure to enable online application and notification from citizens, etc. to administrative agencies.
As the certificate authority on the administration side, GPKI has two functions: as a Bridge Certificate Authority that performs cross-certification with non-governmental certificate authorities on the side of applicants (since April, 2001), and as a Government Shared Certificate Authority that issues e-certifications for the offices in ministries (since January, 2008).
We conduct administration and operation of GPKI based on consignment.

Operation of Government shared network

Government shared network is the network infrastructure specialised for government use mutually connected with all ministries, Independent Administrative Institutions, the Bank of Japan, the National Diet, Government Shared System and Local Government Wide Area Network (LGWAN). It is operated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for the purpose of distributing and sharing information among government administrations smoothly.
39 organizations use it as of July, 2015. We conduct administration and operation of it based on consignment.

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