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Research on Design Systems in Government

The purpose of this research was to clarify how to plan, develop, and operate a "design system" that defines design principles, libraries, rules, etc. for providing users with the design that an administrative agency should have in a consistent manner.

In the "Priority Plan for the Realization of a Digital Society," the Japanese government stated that it will standardize and unify the design and content structure of the websites of government ministries and agencies so that anyone can quickly access information provided by government agencies. As a concrete measure to achieve this goal, "design system" is being developed, which outlines the principles and rules for standardization and unification.

Design system is a set of design principles, libraries, rules, etc., to provide users with consistent and ideal designs. Now that web services are replacing government offices as the primary point of contact with residents, the establishment of design systems is becoming an unavoidable issue for government agencies.

This research collects and analyzes case studies of foreign governments that have taken the lead in introducing design systems into public administration, clarifies how they are planned, developed, and maintained, and derives the implications for both organizations that are working on design systems for the first time and those that are already working on them.



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Research on Design Systems in Government

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